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Class of 1968
Class of '68 Group Picture

Here we were in 1968!

Class of '68 40th reunion

And here we are in 2008 ... 40 years later!  A "little" older, a little balder, a little grayer, a little heavier!  The women more beautiful and more sexy!  The guys?  Well, my momma said that if I could not say something nice, just don't say anything!  If nothing else, the guys do look a bit smarter!  All in all, I think we've "matured" well!

NEW ADDITION!  Pictures of the '09 41st Reunion:  Click here!

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    Pictures from Cookie Young and John Teague:  Click here!
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    Pictures from Sharon Burns Marlow:  Click here!

Here it is!  What you all have been waiting for!  Since we only had one color page in the 1968 annual we were unable to use this picture.  John Teague and Roy Price annual co-editors now give you from our time vault---In Living color---that which has been lost for forty years.  We give you the JHS Cheer Squad from 1968!
JHS 1968 Cheer Squad

Now, I ask you ... great looking group of women, wouldn't you say?

Check out these photographs taken at the '08 picnic!  Click here!

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Make plans NOW for the Class of 68 reunion!  The dates are October 24 and 25, 2008.  Please check here later for more class reunion information.  Or check for more information for the entire school reunion.  Several people are putting together a dinner for the classes of '67, '68, and '69 for Saturday evening, October 25.  Plan NOW!  Be there or be square!  More information to follow.

"The way we were ... "



Class of 68 in 1959

Class 2 1959

"The way we were ... "

Want to see what you and others looked like in 1978?  Click here for candid shots from the 1978 10th reunion.  I hope some of you are sitting down before you start looking at these!

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    From John Teague and Cookie Young:  Click here!
    From Raymond Surber:  Click here!
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    From Patty Bowlin Childs:  Click here!
    From Debra Douglas Dobson:  Click here!
    From Janell Taylor:  Click here!
    From Jaye Ellison Wolfe:  Click here!
    From Brenda Ann Thomas Capshaw:  Click here!
    From Sharon Burns Marlow:  Click here!
    From Larry and Jill Boles:  Click here!
    From Charles Hughes:  Click here!
    From Margaret Faulkner Long:  Click here!
    From Brenda (Foley) and Rocky Moore:  Click here!
    From Jim Osborne - Washington trip:  Click here!

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